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Glen Campbell’s Love Song Dedicated to the Lord, “Jesus and Me”


glen campbell

Jesus and Me” was written and performed by the country legend singer Glen Campbell. Campbell’s faith and love towards Jesus is not a new thing to the public. He likes to thank God by expressing it through his music.

The Perfect Love Song

Jesus and Me” is one of Campbell’s best Christian song. The song is about Campbell’s love to Jesus. It’s a love song he wrote that he dedicated it to the Lord. Campbell made Jesus the center of his life. Which I think is such a beautiful thing.

“Now I’m singin’ a new song

Makin’ music for Jesus my King

He is my hero

He’s become my everything

Now there’s no other song

No higher melody

Under heaven, the greatest love story
Jesus and me.”

Campbell also said that even though people think that he is a winner in life, he still goes through a lot in life. Just like everyone, he goes through hard times too. But despite all of this he knew that he can always make it through because he found Jesus.

“People call me a winner

But I know what it means to lose

I’ve seen some high times

I’ve paid some dues

Payin’ dues just isn’t enough

Nothin’ seemed to satisfy me

Until I met Jesus

I’ll tell you He’s alive

And I am free.”

Glen Campbell and His Faith

Campbell was raised by Christian parents, although he goes to church when he was young, he was never baptized. After marrying Kim for a year, Campbell decided to get baptized. Glen stopped using cocaine when he was afraid that he might lose his child and wife. He said that he didn’t know why God chose that moment but he never used drugs ever again.

For his drinking problem, Campbell was called by the Lord in the most mysterious way. He was on a concert in Hawaii, after the concert, he went out drinking. He said he woke up with the worst hangover of his life, but then and there, he prayed to the Lord to help him. And indeed God did. Ever since then Campbell drew closer to the Lord each day.


It is such a beautiful thing to hear stories of people called by the Lord. It serves as an inspiration to every one of us, and it is certain that there is still hope to be saved by the Lord. Even though we have sinned many times, Jesus will always accept us with open arms. Therefore, pray to God today to help you in whatever you are going through in life. He will save you, in the most unexpected way.

Listen to Glen Campbell’s love song to Jesus.


glen campbell, Jesus and Me

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