July 30

Glen Campbell Bids Fans ‘Adios’ With Final Album’s Music Video

During the prime of his career, Glen Campbell swooned fans and broke records with his astonishing talent in singing and guitar-playing. He won numerous Grammy and Academy of Country Music Awards and released a number of Gold and Platinum albums. Indeed, his early works left fans all smiles with his undeniable musical gift.

However, this time, the beloved singer’s album has a more solemn message to impart to all his fans. Just recently, the music video for Adios, the 12th track on his 64th and final studio album bearing the same title, conveyed Campbell’s farewell to his career. The singer was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2011, and the devastating news was a sign that Glen had to take his final bow.


Glen Campbell Bids Fans ‘Adios’ With Final Album’s Music Video 1

Prior to releasing his farewell album, Glen went on to embark on a Farewell Tour that ran from 2011-2012. After wrapping his tour up, he commenced recording his final album in Nashville. His wife Kim shared that Glen wished to uphold “what magic was left” in the final set of tracks left for him to record. On the other hand, the album’s producer, Carl Jackson, guided Campbell throughout the entire recording process. They had to record his vocals line by line as the singer’s condition made it difficult for him to memorize all the lyrics. Despite his memory lapses, Jackson commends Campbell for maintaining the breathtaking melody, pitch, and tone that he was always adored and known for.

The lyrics for Adios were penned by Jimmy Webb, while the music video was directed by the award-winning director, Peter Zavadil. In his own words, Zavadil envisioned the song as “Glen’s farewell to the spotlight. I wanted the music video to reflect those sentiments.” In the very touching and sentimental video, a combination of pictures, video clips, and appearances from several family members and relatives of Campbell depicted the final journey of the renowned singer’s guitar. They gave the guitar a proper ‘Viking Funeral’ on the coast of California. The director explains in a press release, “The guitar is a symbol of Glen’s legacy…a ‘spiritual baton’ as it were, carried on by all those influenced by his music, beginning with one of his daughters and ending with one of his grandsons. The project was truly an honor and an adventure.

From Nashville to California, Campbell’s guitar was passed on to the hands of different individuals who all made significant contributions to his entire musical career. The first person in the clip to take hold of the guitar was Campbell’s daughter and fellow musician, Ashley, while the last one to carry it was Jeremy Olson, his grandson. Jeremy was also tasked to place the guitar on its final resting place, where he placed it into the waters and lit the guitar on fire.

Adios was described by its writer, Webb, as “a gift from the gods.” He then goes on to describe how Carl the producer somehow worked his magic on making the entire album a dream come true for Glen. “And I just feel blessed that I get to hear these songs. It’s like early Christmas.

Furthermore, Ashley has high hopes for the music video, “My father’s music has touched so many people’s lives so I hope that this video will resonate with a lot of people. Music moves through us all in different ways, lighting a fire in each of us. That fire will always be burning as the music keeps moving and as each of us continues to pass the torch.

The world was indeed lucky for having to witness and revel in the original talent and musical treasure that is Glen Campbell. His legacy will always be in the hearts and minds of the many people who were touched by his music.


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