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“Give The World A Smile” Radiates the Joy of Serving Jesus

"Give The World A Smile" Radiates the Joy of Serving Jesus 1
The Cathedral Quartet / (Photo credit: Youtube)

Putting a smile on your face could be the simplest and finest manner to begin your day with. Wearing a genuine smile, as often as possible, implies that you have a happy spirit. A smile is contagious. With that said, let’s then begin giving each other a smile and consequently, we’re making the world a happier place to live in. In addition to that, having a joyful spirit reflects Jesus’ presence in our life.

Today, we’ll be featuring a song that depicts the power of a smile and its relevance to our spiritual being. Such power is clearly captured in the chorus of the song entitled, “Give the World a Smile.”

Give the world a smile each day

Helping someone on life’s way

From the paths of sin bring the wanderers in

To the master’s fold to stay

Help to cheer the lone and sad

Help to make some pilgrim glad

Let your life so be that all the world might see

The joy of serving Jesus with a smile.

Writing and Recording of the Song

Otis Deaton and M.L. Yandell were students at the Stamps School of Music in Jacksonville, Texas. The former shared how the song “Give the World a Smile” was born. According to him, it’s the melody that was composed first by Yandell. Then, Deaton wrote the lyrics called “Keep the Song Wave Rolling On.” However, his composition was not accepted as there was already a song by H.W. Elliot similar to it according to V.O. Stamps. With this, Deaton came up with the lyrics of “Give the World a Smile.”

In 1925, the original recording of the song came out. It’s the Stamps Quartet who first recorded it on Victor Label. Their record later became RCA Victor Label. Considered as the Stamps Quartet’s theme song, “Give the World a Smile” has sold over a million copies. Furthermore, it is believed to be the first Southern gospel song to become a gold record. After them, many gospel quartets and singers began performing the song and it’s still being sung up to this day.

Let’s sing with The Cathedral Quartet as we watch them perform “Give the World a Smile” on the video clip below.

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