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“If I Give My Soul:” Billy Joe Shaver’s Song About Forgiveness

billy joe shaver if i give my soul

When we do something unpleasant, we feel guilty about it and we don’t know if God will forgive us. We even think about what will the people we love say. And, will they forsake us? Sometimes because of the shame, we feel like running away and hide from the Lord because we think that we don’t deserve His forgiveness, or we don’t even know if God will forgive us. However, no matter where we go, God, knows where we are and He will be waiting for us to go to Him.

Billy Joe Shaver’s Album

In 1993, Billy Joe Shaver released his seventh studio album Tramp on the Street. In this album of his, he partnered with his son Eddy to make this album possible. Billy invited other artists to guest on his album. He had a duet with Waylon Jennings with the song “Heart of Texas” and “Oklahoma Wind.” He also recorded with the country duo Brother Phelps for the songs “Live Forever” and “If I Give My Soul.” His album may not have entered the Billboard chart, but the song he recorded for his album was astounding.

About the Song

One of the songs in his album is “If I Give My Soul.” The story of the song is about a father/man whom at first was a good man until he started to drink and making music. He lives a happy life before, with his woman and his child, then when the alcohol consumes him, he became a different person. His woman and his child left him, his dreams were lost, and he is left alone. He knows that he did something terrible therefore he goes to someone he knows who can cleanse him. The narrator wants to have his old life back. He wants to live the way his life was with his woman and his child. He wants to clothe himself with something new and clean instead of wasting his life. The narrator wonders if Jesus will forgive him and bring back his old life. He wonders if Jesus will clean his soul and make it new.

Whatever we did or whoever we are we shouldn’t hide from our sins, we should go directly to Jesus. Let us confess our sins, and Jesus will forgive us.

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” -1 John 1:9

“If I Give My Soul” Versions

Other artists who covered this song were Marty Stuart in 1994, Johnny Cash in 2003, and Tom Jones in 2010.

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