December 26

“Give Me Jesus,” A Morning Hymn

Is there a better way to begin your day than to pour your heart before the Lord in psalms and praises? That said, we picked “Give Me Jesus” for your morning meditation. The simple melody will not distract but keep you concentrated instead in your musings of its wordings. So go savor the moment!

“Give Me Jesus” by Lindsay and Brackin Kirkland


These singing duo and the beautiful couple are the voices behind “Sounds Like Reign” albums. In their website, their stated mission is to draw people to Christ using their musical gifting. In the process, it is also their aim to inspire the ‘wandering mind to focus on the Creator and to walk in the light of His son Jesus.’ Hence, Brackin Kirkland and his wife Lindsay uses compelling words in their song narratives.

They are also open for sharing their lives online through vlog. Try to visit their YouTube channel sometime. Theirs is called, “Tiny Notes from Home.”  They have a beautiful family and their kids were blessed to have them as parents.


Like most spirituals, the origin of “Give Me Jesus” could be traced back during the time of slavery among Afr0-American singers. Out of their hard labor and daily oppression, they have found solace in their songs. To ease their hardships from cruel slave masters, they sought refuge from a better and kind master in the person of Christ. Hence, the wordings speak of Jesus being given to them from daybreak to sundown.

The hymn has appeared on hymnals from the mid-1850’s to date. It is frequent set to either organ or piano arrangements. It could also be performed in choral or be done in acapella. Whichever you prefer, there is no denying “Give Me Jesus” is a welcome addition to your list of inspirational.


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