September 4

Could We Give a Hand to These Rising Legends?

Country legends don’t just leave their music and personal touches as their legacies. They also leave behind their children who, most likely than not, would step in their parents footprints.

With grit and passion, they’re blazing new trails in the music industry. Sadly, they are not getting much recognition and success as musical artists. They may secure a recording contract, released albums, and hold concerts, but the limelight seems elusive to them. The other struggle is on getting more air plays on radios. To some radio managers, their song arrangements have got too much country in them. And that is not how they make business. They are more receptive to country-pop, country rock, and other cross-over.

Ironic, isn’t it? They are being marginalized from the genre that their parents or grandparents kept alive for decades! They are being ignored for keepin’ it country!

Anything we can do to help them folks? Besides buying their albums and attending their concerts, could we requests more of their songs on the airwaves?

Anyway, three of our special mentions today are Holy Williams, Ben Haggard, and Ashley Campbell.

Ashley’s single – “Remembering”
Could We Give a Hand to These Rising Legends? 1
Facebook Bio: Already known for her work alongside her father, country legend Glen Campbell — who, during his final years as a touring musician, leaned heavily on his youngest daughter as a banjo player, keyboardist and harmony vocalist — Ashley is now stepping out on her own. Her music is a mix of her wide-ranging influences, combining the old-school country sound popularized by her fa-ther during the ’60s and ’70s with contemporary Americana, rootsy folk and country-pop. Glen Campbell’s longtime fans may hear something familiar in Ashley’s melodies as she embraces these similarities while distinguishing herself as a talented front woman.

Holy Williams –“Waiting for June”
Could We Give a Hand to These Rising Legends? 2

Granddaughter of Hank Williams and daughter of Hank Williams, Jr.

Ben Haggard –Me & Jesus
Could We Give a Hand to These Rising Legends? 3

Facebook Bio: Ben Haggard is Merle’s youngest son. Ben began playing with the strangers at the age of 15 and toured with his father Merle Haggard playing lead guitar. Since the death of his father, now, at 23, Ben tours with his brother Noel and The Strangers finishing his fathers dates. Ben’s largest influences include Roy Nichols, Reggie Young, James Burton, Grady Martin and of course his father, Merle.

Would you not agree that they all sounded great? It’s just a shame that their talents are being underrated.


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