August 14

This Kid Nailed Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You’ and Dolly Parton Herself

Hush everyone with our long-winded debates between Whitney Houston’s and Dolly Parton’s versions of the aforementioned song! This cover of a mere 13-year-old girl from the Philippines will surely silence the inner critics in us as she did not only Dolly Parton’s heart-filled rendition, but also that of Whitney Houston’s powerhouse voice. (By the way, Whitney’s starts at 2:45 in the clip).

Our Girl, Elha

This Kid Nailed Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You' and Dolly Parton Herself 1

Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet Elha Mae Nympha, a Filipino child singer who has a promising career ahead of her with her versatile voice and singing.

According to Ogie Alcasid, one of the juries in the show “Your Voice Sounds Familiar” where she delivered this stellar performance, Elha could be likened to Ariana Grande who has a sharp inner ear for nuances in singing. This made it possible for both young stars to impersonate any singer.

Back to Elha, should Dolly watch this girl’s impersonation of her song, she surely would be one proud mama! Like really! She almost sounded like a little Dolly (except that distinct and authentic Tennessean’s twang which of course we won’t expect from non-natives). Don’t believe me? Check the original Dolly Parton’s singing below and compare it with Elha’s. You’ll see what I mean.

Nevertheless, Elha gave justice to the song. This is in spite of her being just a child delivering a mature song that was obviously written with much emotion by Dolly. And on that note, here’s a small background of it:

It was a single released in 1974 and grabbed the #1 spot on Country’s Billboard twice; 1974 and in 1982. But, who was the song for? Rumor says it’s a parting song Dolly wrote for her partner Porter Wagoner when they finally called it off. Apparently, her sentiments reached many hopeless romantics, so it stands to reason the song remained a favorite to this day.


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