May 11, 2018

Of Controversy and Success: “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town

Of Controversy and Success: “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town 1

Little Big Town took a big leap of faith with their single “Girl Crush”. There were controversies about the song. However, these all paid off really well. In 2015, Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” reached the Top 1 on the Hot Country Songs, staying on the charts for thirteen weeks.

Song Facts

Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey and Liz Rose were the songwriters behind “Girl Crush”. Liz Rose initially shunned the idea of the song. Eventually, she changed her mind after hearing the first verse that Hillary Lindsey had written. Kimberly Schlapman and Karen Fairchild immediately asked that the song be saved for them after hearing it. In some sense, it is not literally a girl liking on another girl. It is about a girl obsessing over the girl who is with the man that she wants but has never had. In all power to get her lover back, she wishes to taste her adversary’s lips in order to taste him, and so on.

I want to drown myself
In a bottle of her perfume
I want her long blonde hair
I want her magic touch.

The song was released on December 15, 2014, as the second single from Little Big Town’s sixth studio album, Pain Killer. It made history on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart marking the most frames that a song by a group has reigned in the chart’s 56-year history. In 2015, “Girl Crush” is the most-downloaded single in country music. Moreover, it reached 1.4 million downloads and ranked fifth on the Country Radio Airplay charts.

Faced With Controversy

Sure, it is an offensive way to define jealousy. When “Girl Crush” aired on radio stations, some disc jockeys did not anticipate that they would get manic phone calls and e-mails condemning “Girl Crush” of “promoting the gay agenda”. The controversy arose from the song’s lyrics about sex and casual marijuana use. These descriptions led significant portions of the traditional audience to wrongly assume it is about a same-sex relationship. In response to concerns from listeners, some radio stations starting pulling “Girl Crush” from their playlists. Even though “Girl Crush” hit some controversy, it was not extensive. It possibly even helped generate more attention to the song.

Do you also have the same views about the song? It is nice to know the song deeper.

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Girl Crush, Little Big Town

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