June 25

Album and Song: “Down To My Last Bad Habit” by Vince Gill

Would you agree if we say Vince Gill is one of the perfect models of how a country artist should age? Of course, this idea includes overlooking how huge his crowd of listeners are. He is as ornamented with awards as any living country music artist, including a Hall of Fame induction. Gill might even be one of the most universally valued men in the entire country music industry. Do you know what would make him a potential honorary mayor of country music? He worked harder to help support the Country Music Hall of Fame by being cool enough to play with the Time Jumpers in Nashville. However, in one of his songs, other than playing, he seems not to be over with one habit. Let us listen to his “Down To My Last Bad Habit” single.

Album and Song: “Down To My Last Bad Habit” by Vince Gill 1

The Album, Country Version Of All Your Favorite Love Songs

Despite the title maybe inferring that this album may have a little bit of edge, “Down To My Last Bad Habit” is Vince Gill’s Luther Vandross moment. This is a country music album for fifty-year-old women who are hooked to perfumed candles. This is the Oprah Book Club version of country. The album is Hill’s fourteenth studio album. It received commonly positive reviews from music critics. It was not as bad, debuting top four on the Top Country Albums chart. His song “Down To My Last Bad Habit” may be the latest and greatest studio-recorded of Gill next to Go Rest High On That Mountain.”

Down To My Last Bad Habit”, Same Album Name

With Down to My Last Bad Habit, Vince Gill presents himself to a fresher generation of country music fans without losing the lyricism, uprightness and convincing blend of styles he has been known for for decades. Vince Gill deserves some recognition here. We can question his idea with this album, but he was able to set out something. He made a record that highlighted his vocal strengths and re-imagines an earlier era in music in the contemporary context while bringing deep, expressive songwriting. Moreover, crossing out whatever made him famous in the past, too. Whatever the matter is, an artist like Vince Gill has grown all the personal wealth he and his family will ever need.

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Down To My Last Bad Habit, Vince Gill

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