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Singing the Most Precious Gift That Came in the Morning

Singing the Most Precious Gift That Came in the Morning 1Guy Penrod / (Screen grabbed from Youtube)

Singing songs that convey a message about Christ’s resurrection is never a tiring task. In fact, they are like the Lord’s mercies that make us renewed every morning. That is why it’s also inspiring to write stories about them. A good example of this is the featured song in this article entitled “Then Came the Morning.” The tune was written by Gloria J. Gaither and William J. Gaither with musical composition by Chris Christian.  While many gospel singers and groups who covered it, it was The Bill Gaither Trio who made the song famous.

In the video clip below, Guy Penrod leads the audience to a moving performance of the song. Watching the stirring delivery will really make you sing with him. Likewise, the conviction and the powerful message behind the song will leave you grateful for that one significant morning that came.

The Precious Gift of that One Morning

 If we go through the lyrics, we may find the song as simply talking about Jesus who rose from death. However, behind such thought lies a deeper message. That one particular morning is, undeniably, the most significant morning in the life of Christians. It carries with it God’s most precious gift to mankind – Jesus Christ, himself. Knowing that their Savior is alive, everyone had their hope revived.

Talking about Christ’s death, the song opens with lines having an unhappy vibe. However, that one particular morning has changed everything. It’s like a transition from a dry season to spring where there is blooming of flowers everywhere. Accordingly, the tune has shifted to a joyful atmosphere. Probably, the most striking message of the song comes from the line,

“Death had lost and life had won for morning had come.”

If Christ lives in your heart, then always be grateful that such particular morning has come.

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