April 26

“The Gift” From Jim Brickman, Collin Raye, and Susan Ashton

Jim Brickman, Susan Ashton, and Collin raye
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Speaking of a beautiful life like joy and love, this plainly describes “The Gift.” The good things that you have, the memories you experienced, and the pleasure you achieved. Also, imagine that you’re with someone you dreamt for so long finally came, it’s total bliss.

And when talented and brilliant people collaborate, the outcome is fantastic. Jim Brickman, Collin Raye, and Susan Ashton will give you the feels upon listening to this song. It is indeed a timeless harmony. This is the kind of a song that we love to hear over and over. “The Gift” will remind you of the happiness in life with the melody that can pierce your hearts and soul.

The Meaning…

According to Brickman, he thought of presents or gift in Christmas when he wrote the song. We can always give presents, whatever things we want to share with other people. But, having the one you love is indeed the definition of the song, that someone who holds your heart. Also, it would be great to write about a song dedicated to the one in your heart.

Brickman explained that “The Gift” is not exactly a Christmas song instead, it is a love song. It portrays the love that happens on holidays or special days. Additionally, this song is an example of his creation of writing songs about what is happening on holidays rather than a holiday itself. Also, it would be better to write a song about people and relationships instead of things or holidays that cause people can relate to.

The Song…

Jim Brickman along with Tom Douglas penned the song in 1997, and it was released in the same year.

Furthermore, Collin Raye primarily recorded the song. When Brickman heard Susan Ashton’s CD, he thought of a perfect collaboration. With this, the production decided to get them both to record the song.

Most of the duets record a song separately, but for Susan and Collin, they have recorded the song at the same time and place sharing the same microphone. It is to give more emotions to the song.

There are two music videos and records for “The Gift.” First is Collin Raye alone singing the song while the other one is both Susan and Collin singing together.

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Collin Raye, Jim Brickman, Susan Ashton, The Gift, Tom Douglas

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