January 1, 2018

Getting “Through the Fire”

Weary? Feel like giving up? Remember this Randy Travis and Crabb Family song.

 “Through the Fire” by Randy Travis

We’re all getting through the fiery trials of life. Thanks for this song Randy Travis & Crabb Family. Some of us needed to hear this song today.


Touching and faith-renewing, are they not?

We’ve all been there. We have had moments of mountaintop spiritual experiences. It felt like we were on cloud nine with our faith soaring like an eagle. Gradually, troubles increase and pressures mount. We try to fix what we can but then end up making more a mess. Frustrated, we start complaining. Like children who demand instant relief, we will even shift the blame to God.

Through the Fire is true in every sense of a believer’s life. The past and present difficulties were the fire we need to pass through. The thought and the experience of it may be dreadful, but the result will be worth it. Like gold, we’ll come out stronger and more polished.

Easy to say, I know. But don’t get fixated on the process of getting through fire. Reflect on the lyrics in full. Though ‘fire’ is necessary for our cleansing, Jesus will not just leave us there, helpless. Like the story of Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego in the book of Daniel, Jesus will be in the fire with us. He will walk and work with us until we are out of it. (Despite our oftentimes sucky attitudes, yes, he is patient like that.)


Through the Fire was featured on the 51st Annual Grammy Award-winning Album of Randy Travis called Glory Train: Songs Of Faith, Worship & Praise.  In 2000, it became the number one song among Southern Gospel tracks. Come 2005, it won the Dove Award for Traditional Gospel Recorded Song of the Year and as the Southern Gospel Song of the Year in 2006.



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