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“Get to You”: A Single from Michael Ray’s Upcoming Album, Amos

michael ray get to you amos

Chart Performance of the Song

“Get to You” is a song released by Michael Ray from upcoming album Amos. The song is first released as a single in 2017. The song peaked at No. 22 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs in 2018. Furthermore, it peaked at No. 18 on the US Billboard Country Airplay in 2018. The song was written by Pavel Dovgalyuk and Abe Stoklasa.

“Get To You” Meaning

Do you know anyone who tries to run away from commitment? The moment they feel that things are getting serious and they are starting to like or love someone they push that person away for whatever reason it may be. That’s what this song is about, a girl who is afraid to commit to a guy because of her past. Every time she feels a little pain or when she starts to be comfortable with him it scares her. She is traumatized by her past relationship/s. However, the guy is patient with her that he never stops convincing her that he will always love her and break down all of the walls she built to hide in. People who are afraid of commitment will love someday because it’s true someone will come and break the walls that they built themselves from all the pain. Love will always conquer everything.

Why Amos?

Michael Ray released the song last year, he recently announced that he is going to release his second album, entitled Amos. Ray said that his new album is more personal than his first one. The album was inspired by Ray’s late grandfather, Amos. When he was making the album, he kept in mind about what his grandfather would have said if he is going to release this new album.

His new album, Amos, is ready for pre-order at his website. The official release of the album is in June 2018. If you want to get to know Michael on a more personal level, go ahead and order his new album. You will surely enjoy it.

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