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Get Down on Your Knees with Lonestar’s “I Pray”

Get Down on Your Knees with Lonestar's "I Pray" 1

“Prayer is our invitation to God to intervene in the affairs of earth. It is our request for Him to work His ways in this world.” – Myles Munroe.

Prayer is our intimate channel to communicate with God. We draw closer to The Almighty in this solemn talk for various reasons – to express thanksgiving, ask for forgiveness, ask for guidance and enlightenment, and the like. By praying frequently, we strengthen our relationship with Him.

In fact, prayer is the easiest way to connect with The Heavenly Father. While some people are not able to read the Holy Bible and others cannot attend Sunday masses, anyone can pray at least. It’s something one can do anytime and anywhere without any cost. And each time we pray, we surrender ourselves to The One we believe is more capable to handle our apprehensions.

When you find yourself before the presence of God…

The solace found in God’s presence each time you talk with Him in sincere prayer is simply incomparable. Sometimes, when in a desperate situation, talking to God provides someone some peace of mind. Indeed, praying is a therapeutic endeavor. Another good thing about praying is the certainty it reaches God’s knowledge. And whatever we asked for in prayer, He doesn’t answer us based on who we are.

That is, probably, one inspiration behind the song “I Pray” by the American country music group Lonestar. Released in 2003 under the album “From Here to There: Greatest Hits” the song narrates someone’s attitude towards prayer. The song opens with lines highlighting the narrator’s acceptance of his shortcomings and quite hesitant if he ever has a place in God’s care.

I can’t quote the Bible
I skipped Sunday school
And I can’t count the times I fell and broke the Golden Rule
So I don’t know if he listens
Sometimes I wonder if he cares
Maybe I’m just wishing
‘Cause I can’t even prove he’s there

Tenacity in Praying…

But in the chorus, the tenacity in praying is essentially recognizable. There’s the burning belief in prayer’s power to make things possible.

But I pray
He’ll watch over my children
I pray
Just to be a better man
To find the strength to rise above
To be there for the ones I love
To forgive and be forgiven some sweet day
I pray

In the second stanza, the narrator confesses his inconsistency when it comes to praying. That he values praying more when in a desperate situation and takes it for granted when things go his ways. Yet again, there’s his credence in praying as a soul-rising feat. And nothing compares to the uplifting effect of praying.

Now I confess that I don’t bow my head as often as I should
Mostly just when times are bad, rarely when they’re good
And I don’t hold with too much preachin’
But I was raised up to believe
That a man can’t ever stand as tall
As when he gets down on his knees

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