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George Jones and Tammy Wynette Working as “One”

is the single from the album that bears the same title. The track is the 9th and final studio album by American country music artists George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Released on June 20, 1995, the track was under the label MCA Nashville Records. In 15 years’ time, it was Jones and Wynette’s first album collectively. Also, it happened to be George and Tammy’s last compilation as a duo. The said album was Miss Wynette’s last before she died in her sleep in April 1998.

Against All Odds for Jones and Wynette

For many years, the idea of Jones and Wynette’s reunion had been an extremely unlikely thought. The years following their divorce had been filled with bitterness and sneering. This made it all the more complicated by the fact that they still performed together on occasion. Later in Jones’ 1996 autobiography, he claimed that it was not his idea. He admitted that he had no interest in working with her as it made him remember unpleasant recollections. He also added that when some fans saw them in each other’s company, they had this hunch. They got it in their minds that they were back together romantically.

Many were surprised to see Jones and Wynette working as one. At that time, several signs manifested that the old hate that existed between them faded away.

In 1991, they performed in cooperation with Randy Travis at the CMA Awards. After three years, Wynette joined Jones for his duet album The Bradley Barn Sessions. The two worked on a remake of their 1976 number one “Golden Ring”.

Jones has done tons of duets. Who would not like them all, especially his early works with Melba Montgomery? Yet, nobody ever captured the chemistry between Tammy and George on and off the set.

One and one, I’ve always heard adds up to two
But one and one is only one when that one is me and you

Personally, their relationship failed. On the other hand, professionally, they had that spark.


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