September 8

George Jones & Tammy Wynette Interview after Painful Divorce

Country music has a lot of stored power couples in the industry and while many have ended with a happily ever after, there’s a lot of those couples who have ended with harsh realities wherein many of that on-screen sweetness and years of love sang through powerful duets ended in divorce. It is sometimes sad to realize that these couples were long rooted by fans only to smack them with the realization that marriage is not all love songs and ballads.

One of the famous power couples of the 70s era is no other than George Jones and Tammy Wynette. Not only because they are equally talented and dominated the charts in their own signature hits but it seemed that most of their songs were bound to be sang to each of them.

Just imagine that for over six years, it’s not ‘just’ a marriage of normal people but people that are constantly magnified by the spotlight and magazines and newspaper because of their insatiable fame. These are two people that have different stories in front of cameras and inside the closed door of a marriage.

On this interview by a certain host named Ralph Emery, we saw George Jones and Tammy Wynette sitting almost across each other while the host was trying to cool the obvious tension of two people who just got separated through papers. According to reports, the primary factor of the couple’s decision to end their marriage was rooted from George Jones’ habitual drinking.

It could have been an impeccable interview if the host stopped bickering on their failed marriage and just went on to discuss their music and career plans. Alas, the host even went as far as asking if the two still loved each other. When the two loved country artists said yes, this Emery dude even got their hands and forced them to hold hands while pretending to perform a wedding for the two forced participants!

Watch the video and judge for yourself:



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