November 16

The King of County, George Strait and His 1st Hit “Unwound”

A handsome young singer from Texas made a country music debut in 1981. Prior to his debut, he already made a few songs. However, those songs have never been attached to an album and unfortunately, they were not to be included in the country charts. Everything changed for him with the release of his debut single from a major label, titled “Unwound.”

That young singer was none other than the king, George Strait. Now, He holds the record for the most number one country hits of all time, with a total of 61. And, do you know how much those singles sold? It’s more than 100 million records, which made him one of the best-selling music artist worldwide.

If it wasn’t for the success of the song “Unwound,” there was no telling how Strait’s career would have progressed. He owes a lot to that song and it wasn’t him, to begin with.

The one who wrote the song was Dean Dillion and Frank Dycus. They have originally intended the song for Johnny Paycheck. However, Johnny was in the jail during those times, so he was unable to record the song.

Blake Mevis, a record producer got in touched with the two songwriters and asked them if they had any songs that Strait could record. They have decided to give him “Unwound,” and their decision paid off all parties involved.

The song “Unwound” instantly put George Strait on the map as a country star. The song peaked at the sixth on the chart, opening the door to his never-ending success. The song also opened up a long-lasting working relationship with dillion, who has written or co-written over 40 songs for Strait.

Recently, the music video of the young George Strait performing “Unwound” on a boat when it was first released. It was no surprise why Strait went on to become the king of country music. Everything from the sound of his voice to the way he smiled at the crowd proved that he had the makings of a music star.

We all love watching George Strait’s performances, however, this video is something you won’t see every day.

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