Listen to The King of Country Music, George Strait, Sing “Troubadour”

December 7, 2018

George Strait always knows how to make a song stand out. Every time he records a single it makes you feel like it was written based on his experiences in life. One of the songs he has recorded that made an impression was his single “Troubadour.”

What is a Troubadour?

Before we talk about Strait’s song, let us take a look at what the word troubadour means. According to Merriam’s Dictionary, the word Troubadour refers to a poet or poet-musician during the eleventh to the thirteenth century. They were commonly seen in the South of France and North of Italy. In short, it means these are singers, musicians, and poets.

Now that we know what the meaning of Troubadour is, we can easily understand Strait when he says in his song,

I was a young troubadour
When I wrote in on a song
And I'll be an old troubadour when I'm gone.


“Troubadour” is a single written by Leslie Satcher and Monty Holmes in 2008. The song was recorded by Strait for his same-titled album. Strait made the song reached number seven on the Billboard Country chart. Furthermore, the single placed at number fifty-four on the Hot 100 chart. It may not reach number one, but it was an incredible song. He was nominated for the Grammy Awards for Best Male Country Vocal Performance in 2009. However, he lost to Brad Paisley’s single “Letter to Me.” Vince served as the background vocals in “Troubadour.”

The Album

Strait’s same-titled album reached number one on the Top Country Albums and Billboard 200 chart. Moreover, he brought home the Grammy Awards for Best Country Album. Strait has two more singles on his album that entered the chart (“I Saw God Today” and “River of Love”).

About the Song

The song talks about a man who identifies himself as a troubadour. He tries to work hard, but thinks he will never be famous. Moreover, he believes that when he becomes old, he will still be the same.