March 29

George Strait’s “I Believe,” A Song About Faith and Compassion


Remember the Sandy Hook Shooting at Newtown Connecticut? George Strait does.

Well, this happened back in December 2012. It was one of the biggest shootings in the country during that time. And, the sad thing about it is that it involved twenty children and six adult staff members. They all died during the incident.

george strait
Screen grab from CNN’s official Youtube Account

A Truly Heartbreaking Tragedy

As we all were saddened and shocked by this incident, George Strait felt the same. He said,

“It’s just the worst thing that can happen to you in your life to lose a child. There’s nothing worse than that.”

As we all know, Strait also lost his 13-year-old daughter Jennifer, due to a car accident in 1986. This may have triggered the singer’s drive to write a song to honor these children. At first, he was skeptical. It was because he did not want to offend the victims by using them as an inspiration for his song.

He was then persuaded by his wife, Norma. She said that it would actually help the victims’ families to be more faithful and just believe in Him. Believe that they have someone to lean on when they hear the song.

Strait’s Conversation with his Son

After hearing the news, the singer immediately called his son to write the song. George added,

“Having been through something like that before myself, I just knew I kinda wanted to say a little something.”

His son’s response was “Dad, I was actually thinking the same thing.” After that, the singer’s son came up with the title and they called Dean Dillon for his help. Together with the legendary songwriter, they came up with inspiring lyrics.

There’s twenty-six angels looking down from above
Resting in his mercy, grace and love
Time may never heel
The sadness that we feel
But I believe
There’s someone who’s looking after me

The lyrics itself represent what the singer wants to convey to his audience especially to the victims of the shooting. The number 26 was mentioned a couple of times. This is in reference to the 26 people who died in the shooting.

This just makes the singer more respectable as he remembered the victims through his song. It is rare to see musicians pay tribute to someone when incidents like this happen. George Strait is one of those artists.

george strait
George Strait performs the song “I Believe” in one of his concerts. Screen grab from Youtube

The message of the lyrics is crystal clear. Whatever unfortunate event occurs in our lives, know that someone is always looking out for us. Thank you, George Strait, for yet again, showing the world what faith and compassion can do.

Watch Strait’s performance here:


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