Lately, all we hear are unpleasant stories of police officers killing or hurting others. Yes, some stories are tragic and it’s sad to see them do such things, but the media hasn’t also been totally honest to us. Not all cops are evil. There are some out there who truly does their duty. They do kind acts and protect us, and the media must also show this side of our police officers. They don’t deserve to get all the hate. Sometimes, some deserve to receive love for sacrificing their time and life to protect our country.

police officer george strait the weight of the badge

Patrolman Bruce Celico of the Portsmouth Police Department (WJAR). Photo via

George Strait Honors our Police Officers

Since all we hear are bad news about our cops, why not celebrate some good ones with a George Strait song. Indeed, Strait, the King of Country Music, penned a song to tell the story of one cop who works hard and does his responsibility as a man of authority. “The Weight of the Badge” was not only written by Strait but he was also assisted by his son Bubba, and longtime collaborator, Dean Dillon.

The Inspiration

Strait said that he was inspired to write such song for his album when he saw an officer playing with his grandson. He became intrigued and amazed by how this officer lets his grandson, Harvey, play with his badge, and it got him thinking of how heavy it feels like to be having one. It’s not just a simple badge you wear, to serve the people comes with great responsibility, to lay down your life, to bring peace, and to make sure that everything is well. That’s why it’s great that Strait took the time to honor these men and women who worked hard for us.

All About the Song

The melancholic tune in Strait’s single added more emotions to the song. It tells the story of one officer who tells us how it’s like to be a police.

It’s gonna be a long one, another grave yard shift
As he says goodbye to his wife and kids
He spends his life just like his dad’s
Driving away under the weight of the badge

As the story progressed, we get to see how the police officer had to sacrifice himself that made him end up in the hospital.

Not that long ago he woke up in the hospital
With his wife and kids praying by his bed
He said: I’m gonna be alright
There’s just some times you gotta fight

Even though he had to experience such fate, it’s fine for him because he knows that it’s part of his job.

“The Weight of the Badge” came from Strait’s latest album Honky Tonk Time Machine, which was released last 29th of March.

Here’s the wonderful song to praise our hard-working officers!