October 28

George Strait and His Ode to Love Affairs “Marina Del Ray”

Surprise, surprise. George Strait does not only sing about Texas in his catalog of songs but people who closely follow the King of Country’s life would already know that. Apparently, George Strait also has a song about a certain beach in Marina del Ray, California- a seaside community situated in Los Angeles. Just like any other earlier Strait from the Heart songs by the Lonestar native, Marina Del Ray offers a captivating story from Strait’s point of view of the love affair that happened in the borders of the said Californian beach and how it ended once the two got back to normal lives. Some people would say that this one of those romantics songs by George Strait that you could just listen at night endlessly with a goblet of wine.

Marina Del Ray, George Strait

‘Marina Del Ray’ was written by Dean Dillon and Frank Dycus, the former being one of the most longstanding writers for the King of Country shared with songfacts.com how he conceived the idea of a love affair that happened in the said beach. He said in an interview:

“I was in Marina del Rey, California, with Steve Wariner and Sylvia, who were label-mates of mine on RCA, doing a radio tour. We stayed at the Sheraton there in, I think, Marina del Rey. Steve liked magic tricks and he took Sylvia to a magic show. I made my way to the bar, and I met a young lady there and we actually dated for a couple of years after that. But that song was written about her on the airplane coming back from Marina del Rey, most of it was. When I got back, I played what I had for Dycus, and we finished it.”

Apparently, Marina Del Ray did not make on the list of George Strait chart toppers but this song gives an immediate throwback to the loyal followers of George Strait and to those who might have had a similar experience in that beach.

Watch this performance in his Cowboy Rides Away special and let us know what you think:


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