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George Strait’s Lovely Version of “Carrying Your Love With Me”

Strait’s Version of the Song

George Strait Carrying Your Love With Me
Photo Credit: George Strait/ by Screengrab

George Strait, a well-known Country music artist, made his own version of the song “Carrying Your Love With Me.” It was originally written by Steve Bogard and Jeff Stevens. Moreover, the song was released in May 1997.

Also, the song entered the country music charts. In 1990, the song ranked number 200 on the Top 400 greatest songs. Furthermore, the song was nominated for Best Male Country Vocal Performance.

“Carrying Your Love with Me” helped in the success of Strait’s career.

In his 15 years in the music industry, many people still criticize his work saying that the song is ordinary to them. However, Strait’s proved them wrong because his song became popular with country fans.

The Song’s Theme

George Strait Carrying Your Love With Me
Photo Credit: George Strait/ by Screengrab

“Carrying Your Love With Me”  is a song that talks about a man who has to leave home. He brings the love of his woman with him. The distance that keeps them away from each other is the reason that keeps their relationship stronger.

Being in a long distance relationship is not bad at all. Sometimes, it becomes a reason for us to love him/her even more. It does not matter how long it takes, as long as there is a sky that puts you together, there is no reason to give up.

Loving someone who is far away from you will only show how strong you are as a person. He/She may not be with you in person, but the love and memories you both shared are the reasons that will keep you holding on to each other.

If you love someone, just love them, but don’t own them. If that person wants to leave, let them because if he/she is really meant for you, then destiny will bring you back together.

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