February 13

George Strait Shows Us the Difference Between Living and Living Well

How do we define living well? Does it mean having everything you want in life? Or do we often need someone to be with us to consider it living well?

In life, we can have the things we want, or we can work hard for it. Once we achieve these things, we begin to live a happy life. However, there comes a time in our life when even the things we always dream of cannot sustain us with a longer time of happiness. Therefore, we start to feel that something is missing.

We, humans, are designed to communicate and to be with others. As much as we want to think we can be happy being alone forever, it cannot happen. We need each other, not just in a romantic way. We need relationships and companions because we are made to love and share the love with other people.

“Living and Living Well” by George Strait

One proof that things only give us temporary happiness is George Strait’s single “Living and Living Well.” In 2002, Tony Martin, Mark Nesler, and Tom Shapiro wrote the song for Strait’s album The Road Less Traveled.

George Strait Living and Living Well The Road Less Traveled
Photo Credit: George Strait/ Official Facebook Page

About the Song

In Strait’s song, he showed us the difference in living life alone versus living a life with someone you love. The narrator of the song first paints us the picture of his life. He tells us how happy he felt in his simple life and way of living. But he suddenly meets someone, and everything begins to change. He realized that after all this time, his life is missing something and that something is the woman he now spends his life with.

There’s a difference in
Living and living well
You can’t have it all
All by yourself
Something’s always missing
‘Til you share it with someone else
There’s a difference in living and living well

Chart Performance of the Song

“Living and Living Well” has reached number one on the country chart. Furthermore, it secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 at number twenty-seven.

The Album

The Road Less Traveled performed well on the charts too. It placed at number one on the Country Albums and number nine on the Billboard 200. He released three songs from his album, and two of which reached number one on the country chart.


George Strait

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