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PURE COUNTRY: George Strait Falls for the “Last in Love”

PURE COUNTRY: George Strait Falls for the "Last in Love” 1
George Strait/ georgestrait.com

Just recently, I and my colleagues concluded the week watching a movie, while enjoying slices of pizza from a newly opened store. If you’re a George Strait fan, you probably have watched “Pure Country,” which was filmed during the peak of his career. And for the ladies who have been rooting for The King of country music, I bet ya’ll have been screaming and blushing all throughout the movie as you journeyed with the main character, Dusty.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the production of the movie, nor its casting and cinematography. Whatever the movie critics may say, the film was cool and amazing for me. There weren’t any heavy drama or action scenes, but the plot leaves you knotted until the end. And there’s this particular song that ensnared me right from the first line up to the last instrument dropped. For a moment, I became deaf to any other background noises. All I can hear were the words and rhythm smoothly echoing in my ears.

Falling for the Last in Love

Since it’s my first time to hear the song, I wondered, was it a love song? But why do I sense a stirring feeling being evoked?

Blues outside my door
I don’t even know if it’s raining
But I’ve been here before
And I don’t wanna be here again

Ev’ry now and then
voices on the wind
call me back to the first time
far away and clear
you can hear the tear drops
falling for the last in love.

And then I came to realize, it’s a song for someone who’s gone. And though the person has become invisible, the love remains in the narrator’s heart. The moments they spent together will stay active in the memory. You’ll have a gist about the song’s content upon hearing its title, “Last in Love.”

No wonder, I felt the melancholy from the very beginning. That’s how effective George Strait can be when it comes to delivering a song. If it’s a love song, you’ll be filled with fondness; if it’s about partying, you’ll be motioned to get on your feet and dance; and if it’s a sad song, you’ll find yourself drowning in tears for no definite reason.

PURE COUNTRY: George Strait Falls for the "Last in Love” 2
George Strait – 1992/ chron.com

For more information…

The nostalgic ballad “Last in Love” came from the creative crafting of John David Souther, who wrote songs recorded by Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles. Interestingly, Glenn Lewis Frey, the founding member of the Eagles, also contributed to the completion of the song. That explains it all, two songsmiths combined their talent to pen a heartrending song. And everything went into perfection with George Strait’s interpretation.

To get a full grasp of what I’m talking about, listen to this track, and let us know how it moved you. Have a great day, fella!

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