July 22

George Strait’s Brutally Honest Response when asked about his ‘Influence’

Last year, King George gave an interview to Dallas Observer and since we all like to ask his rare opinion about the hullabaloos of the present situation of country music, George Strait has a ‘Strait’ and honest response to all of this ‘stuff.’


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George Strait, Country Music Today

“I don’t see a lot of my influence out there in country music today, out there being played on the radio. [Chuckles.] The country music scene is always changing, and the music is always changing. I’ve seen the pendulum swing this way and back this way.

It’s very country, and then not so country. I think right now it’s kind of trending back to more traditional country music, which is what I like and I like to do.

So I’m glad to see that. But I can’t put anybody down for having success in the business, which is just tough. And for someone to go out and have some success in the music business, more power to ’em. I’m not saying I have to like it, but I just know how tough it is.”

This was the ‘Amarillo by Morning’ singer’s profound response when asked about what he thinks of his influence after getting much credit for bringing country music back to its roots. Continuing the interview, King George clarified what prompts the pendulum of country music to swing in a direction it’s trying to pursue:

“ I think it’s just a natural thing, I don’t know why it is. When I got signed at MCA records in 1981, you had all kinds of things going on, shows like “Pop Goes the Country.”

The thing was to get a crossover hit, and that would sell more records. They wanted a pop sounding country song to get the pop music lovers and country music people to buy it. And I never was into any of that. But I came around at the right time. Traditional country music kind of came back and there were a lot of artists who started doing it, like me, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis.”

The troubadour also admitted that he listened more ‘older stuff’ and more Outlaw Country and Nelson’s ‘Willie’s Roadhouse.’ However, he approves of one country act when it comes to prowess in singing and songwriting, Kacey Musgraves;

“She’s great. We’re doing a couple songs together in the show. She’s a very good songwriter, very good performer, singer. She doesn’t need any advice from me. She’s got it wired.”

Well, morphing country acts, I’m gonna listen to King George and take his advice!

What do you think of George Strait’s response? Do you think he was on point? Share your thoughts on the comment below!


  • Country music has abandoned George Strait and it’s pathetic. “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” is as good as anything he has ever done and couldn’t crack the top ten on the charts. That’s shameful. It should have been an easy number one.

    I don’t listen to country any more except when King George puts out an album. Full stop.

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