George Strait is the King of Country Music for many reasons. He has started his career back in the ’80s and has continued his success even to this day. His hit songs “Amarillo by Morning,” “The Chair,” “Check Yes or No,” and many others are well-received because of how he performed it. His voice stands out from other country singers because it is reminiscent of the old country music sound.

In his track “I Cross My Heart,” we get to see another side of the singer.

george strait

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George Strait’s “I Cross My Heart”

This is one of George Strait’s most memorable tracks. It was released back in 1992 with his album Pure Country. The album title is a little jab at the rise of country-pop and that is why he named it as such. Strait is one of the few artists who remained true to the Nashville sound, that is why he is still loved by the industry. When the track was released, it hit the top of the country charts not only in the US but also in Canada.

The song was also featured in a movie of the same title. This just proves the success of the track and the influence of the country singer.

george strait

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Lyrics Breakdown

In all the world
You’ll never find
A love as true as mine

This George Strait ballad is reminiscent of classic country music. The song is filled with undying love and one that is also unconditional. The narrator tells his lover that he truly loves him/her and that you could not find anyone in this world who can top that. Having soulmates is something that most people believe in. These soulmates are said to really fit well with your personality, almost like your other half.

When you already found someone that understands you and loves you unconditionally, don’t ever let them go. There are a lot of people out there who will only fool you once they get their chance so be sure to stick with those that have your back.

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