September 20

George Strait, Chris Stapleton Join Forces for All Our Ex’s in Texas


It’s a rare chance to have George Strait and Chris Stapleton in one stage. It’s as rare as having these two great people with exemplary vocal abilities to sing a good ole country song about the ex-lovers that we had. Luckily for us, it did happen. During the ‘Hand in Hand’ Harvey relief concert, George Strait and Chris Stapleton harmonize their vocal abilities and performed All My Ex’s Live in Texas.

Hand in Hand Telethon, George Strait, Chris Stapleton

When George Strait first posted about Hand in Hand telethon on his social media accounts, fans were quick to speculate that Strait is already brewing a relief concert for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Indeed, fans were in for a treat when George Strait announced after a few days that it’ll be a collective effort not only from the insiders of country music but also from different walks of Hollywood industry.

As a result, the September 12 Hand in Hand telethon raised over $44 million as a result of the impeccable gathering of artists and musicians in the Holly sphere.

It’s no surprise that any moment George Strait and Chris Stapleton would break into a duet and the fans were not disappointed as it became a reality. The Strait 1986 hit of King George unsurprisingly made a heaven-sent harmony with Stapleton. While Strait has an amazing way to croon his audience, Stapleton’s awesome rowdy and outlaw vocals fit perfectly on this 31-year-old classic.

Watch the video below and hear for yourself how this is an excellent performance.


All My Ex’s Live In Texas Lyrics

All my ex’s live in Texas
And Texas is the place I’d dearly love to be
But all my ex’s live in Texas
And that’s why I hang my hat in Tennessee

Rosanna’s down in Texarkana
Wanted me to push her broom
Sweet Eileen’s in Abilene
She forgot I hung the moon
And Allison’s in Galveston
Somehow lost her sanity
And Dimples who now lives in Temple’s
Got the law looking for me

All my ex’s live in Texas
And Texas is the place I’d dearly love to be
But all my ex’s live in Texas
And that’s why I hang my hat in Tennessee



chris stapleton, George Strait

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