December 5

Cover Wars: King of Country, George Strait vs Dean Dillon

Howdy country folks! Welcome to another episode of the Cover Wars! Today you’re going to judge the king of country music, George Strait and the original singer of the song “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her,” Dean Dillion.

The song “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” was a song written and originally sang by Dean Dillon in 1980. He scored a minor hit with it during his four-year association with RCA Records. However, of the eleven singles released by Dillon on RCA, “Nobody In His Right Mind (Would’ve Left Her),” became Dean’s strongest chart placement that reached No. 25 in 1981. And oh, his version had a parenthesis in the title.

Listen carefully to the original version of the song and compare it to George Strait’s No. 1 hit later in 1985.

So back in ’81, just before RCA released Dillon’s record of the song, a newcomer named George Strait came across it. He liked it so much that he immediately recorded it, and campaigned for his cut to be released as a single. Unfortunately for George, RCA got Dean’s record on the market first. When it initially showed signs of becoming a strong hit, Strait’s label, MCA, decided not to issue his version. Even after Dillon’s cut stalled at No. 25, MCA would not reconsider, and George’s first recording of “Nobody In His Right Mind (Would’ve Left Her)” never came out.

Here is the king’s version of the song, listen to it and let us know who did a better singing of the song.

Dean Dillon played a tremendous part in George Strait’s career from the very beginning. Although George initially missed out on “Nobody In His Right Mind (Would’ve Left Her),” Dean co-wrote many of Strait’s biggest hits starting with his very first release, “Unwound,” which went to No. 6 in July of ’81. As previously mentioned, Strait was crazy about “Nobody In His Right Mind (Would’ve Left Her),” and always felt that someday he would get another shot at it. That time came in 1986. In the interim, George had switched producers from Blake Mevis to Jimmy Bowen, so when he went back in to re-cut the song, he and Bowen started completely from scratch, throwing out Mevis’s old tracks. One of the songs they were working on was, “Nobody In His Right Mind (Would’ve Left Her),” and consideration was made about releasing it as a single with Keith. By that time, however, George Strait was calling the shots and his new rendition of “Nobody In His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” with parentheses removed was the one issued. On August 2, 1986, it became the eighth of his record-setting forty-four number one hits, a mark that perhaps may be passed someday, but it’ll be a tough one to break.

Now you know their story on the song, tell us whose version of the song. Or would you like hear them both singing the song?

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