December 6

“It Ain’t Cool to be Crazy About You:” Another No. 1 For George Strait

We all experience doing anything and everything for the person we love. We sacrifice what we can just to make them happy. Love really makes us do things we don’t normally do. It pushes us out of our comfort zone. However, love also hurts us and sometimes turn us into a fool.

“It Ain’t Cool to be Crazy About You”

George Strait says it all about the pain of loving someone in his single “It Ain’t Cool to be Crazy About You.” The song was written by Dean Dillon and Royce Porter. It became a part of Strait’s album #7. It was recorded in January 1986 and released in August 1986. Strait earned his ninth number one song on the Billboard chart with “It Ain’t Cool to be Crazy About You.” Furthermore, his song reached number five on the Canadian chart.

George Strait
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Album Performance

In 1986, Strait’s released his top-performing album #7. It has ten songs all originally recorded by him. Two singles from his album were in the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart (“Nobody in His Right Mind Would’ve Left Her” and “It Ain’t Cool to be Crazy About You”). Aside from entering the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, the album secured a spot on the Billboard 200.

The Song’s Story

Today marks the thirty-second year when George Strait’s recording of “It Ain’t Cool to be Crazy About You” became number one on the chart. His single is about a man who realizes that the time he spent and the effort he did for the girl he loves was a waste of his time. She made him believe that she loves him until she decided that she’s not. He went crazy because of her. His friends told him to move on, but he doesn’t want to do it. Eventually, he realizes that it’s worthless to fall in love with someone who takes you for granted.


George Strait, It Ain't Cool to be Crazy About You

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