December 26

George Strait Wants to Know “The Best Day” of Your Life

When someone asks you what the best day of your life is, can you remember it? It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? We are flooded with many bad and good memories in our past. Sometimes, because of the numerous memories that we enjoyed, we can’t even pick which one is the best. But, that’s fine. Sometimes we don’t have to choose one, too. Instead, you can pick as many good memories as you can, and make them the best ones you have.

George Strait The Best Day
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About the Song “The Best Day”

Speaking of good memories, George Strait’s single “The Best Day” somewhat shows us that the best days of our lives don’t have to be a single memory only. In his song, the son’s best day of his life changes as he grew up. He at first says that going fishing and camping with his father was the best day of his life. When he became a teenager, he considered driving an old Corvette as the best day of his life. When he became a man, the day of his wedding was the best day of his life. Therefore, as we grow up the best days of our lives change too. Also, it doesn’t mean that the past memories are not good. It just means that more good memories have been added to our collection of beautiful memories.

Chart Performance

The single became George Strait’s thirty-sixth number one song on the country chart. In addition, his single reached number thirty-one on the Hot 100 chart and seven on the Canadian chart. This was one of his songs from his compilation album Latest Greatest Staitest Hits. It was written by Dean Dillon and Carson Chamberlain.

Latest Greatest Straitest Hits Album

Just like his single, Strait’s compilation album was a hit. It has reached number one on the Top Country Albums chart. Furthermore, it placed at number two on the Billboard 200.

What is the best day of your life then?


George Strait, Latest Greatest Straitest Hits, The Best Day

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