Life has a lot to offer so it is not a bed of roses. Sometimes we need to experience its thorns for us to grow. Anyhow, for some people, life is an unending battle, others consider it as an adventure. Isn’t it exciting to face a new day with new challenges? For us to succeed, we need to be tough and brave. Nowadays, nothing is easy, we need to lift a muscle if we want to achieve a certain goal. Especially if we want to prove something but the best part is we can still enjoy its surprises. All we need to do is to focus on the learning that we can get from those experiences. Just like the hit of George Strait “Amarillo by Morning” which depicts how hard a real cowboy life is.

The King of Country

This artist is considered as one of the most influential and popular country artists of all time. In addition, he was able to slam sixty number one hits on the charts and sold more than 100 million records worldwide. Further, he is also a recipient of different awards and recognition due to his influence in the music industry. Meet George Strait the man behind the famous hit “I Cross My Heart,” “Fooled Heart Memory,” and “If I Know Me.”

Photo Credits: George Strait Official Facebook Home Page

One of the hits that George Strait released in 1983 was “Amarillo by Morning.” This was originally from Terry Stafford and it was released in 1973, but it did not make much impact. When Strait re-recorded it in 1982, it became one of his signature songs. Also, he changed the tempo and added more instruments in the background. Moreover, the hit talks about the struggle life of being a real cowboy and on how they get by every day.