Without a doubt, it’s true love that exists between The King of Country George Strait and wife Norma. Today marks their 47th year of marriage and the powerhouse couple seemed to remain in love with each other for many more years to come. Their marriage is considered one of the most successful among the current and previously married country music artists. George and Norma’s marriage is next to that of Dolly Parton and Carl Dean in terms of longevity. Aside from the length of time, trust and loyalty are apparently present in their relationship which has essentially kept it unbroken. With that said, George is a certified ‘king’ not only of country music but also of romance. Through the years, the “Carrying Your Love with Me” singer was able to keep his love of music and for his wife burning.

George and Norma Strait

NASHVILLE, TN – OCTOBER 22: Norma Strait and George Strait attend Medallion Ceremony to celebrate 2017 hall of fame inductees Alan Jackson, Jerry Reed And Don Schlitz at Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on October 22, 2017, in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum)

How It All Started

Before George entered the Army in 1971, he and his high school sweetheart Norma eloped to Mexico on December 4. Subsequently, the two exchanged vows at a church in Pearsall, Texas. Following George’s enlistment in the U.S. Army that same year, he was assigned at the Schofield Barracks in Hawaii. At the same time George married Norma, he began cultivating his musical skills. While serving his military duties, he started performing with a U.S. Army-sponsored band named “Rambling Country.” The following year, George and Norma welcome their first child. They named their daughter Jenifer Lynn.

Going Strong Through the Years

Just like any couple, George and Norma’s marriage wasn’t perfect. They had their fair share of trials and sorrows. For instance, they lost their daughter Jenifer at the age of 13. But such a tragic experience did not weaken their relationship even a bit. In fact, it even strengthened it. Also, instead of devoting their time on their loss, they focused their attention on their other child, Bubba.

Surely, the duo has faced many other trials being together for more than 40 years. According to the “Amarillo by Morning” singer, it’s by going through those tough times and the good, too that made their relationship firm and standing. For 47 years, the couple remained faithful to the vows they had for each other.

“We love each other, and we still like each other. We’re so blessed that we were able to experience this life together, to support each other through everything, good times and bad,” George said.

Here’s one of Strait’s 45 No. 1 singles “I Cross My Heart” which perfectly mirrors his promise of love to his wife Norma.

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