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When George Jones and Vern Gosdin Sings a Heartbreaking Song

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George Jones and Vern Gosdin Collaboration

In 1991, George Jones collaborated with Vern Gosdin to release one of his singles for his album Friends in High Places. The song released by George Jones and Vern Gosdin is entitled “All That We’ve Got Left.” In addition, Buddy Cannon, Vern Gosdin, Russell Smith wrote the song which is about heartache, breakups, regrets, and pain.

Friends in High Places Album

Jones and Gosdin’s song did not make it to the Billboard chart but Jones’ album was able to secure a spot on the Billboard. The album placed at No. 72 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. The ten tracks in his album is a collaboration with different country singers. Jones collaborated with the following artists for his last album under his record label Epic.

  1. Randy Travis
  2. Emmylou Harris
  3. Charlie Daniels
  4. Vern Gosdin
  5. Buck Owens
  6. Shelby Lane
  7. Tim Mensy
  8. Ricky Skaggs
  9. Ricky Van Shelton
  10. Sweethearts of the Rodeo

He was inspired to make the name of his album Friends in High Places because of Garth Brooks’ song “Friends in Low Places” which was a hit back then. The only song that entered the Billboard from his album was his duet with country singer Emmylou Harris. “All Fall Down” reached No. 84 on the Canadian charts in 1991.

The Song’s Content

Despite not reaching the chart, it is still a song that has a good yet sad story to tell. A man who once found the love of his life is now regretting the things he did. He loves her but he knows that her love for him is not that deep. He does not blame her for walking away from him because he is aware of the things he did that made her leave.

“I just stood back and watched my future pass

And for the awful shape I’m in I can only blame myself

It’s no wonder that her love for me wasn’t strong enough to last”

He once was looking for a person to love him and then she came along but now he is alone again because of whatever he has done.

“There were things I couldn’t handle by myself

Then the right one picked me up and we left it all behind

She said I’m all she’ll ever need and for me there’s no one else.”

Listen to a George Jones and Vern Gosdin as they sing a heartbreaking song called “All That We’ve Got Left”

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