August 16

George Jones’ Benevolent Rendition of “Softly and Tenderly”

George Jones’ Benevolent Rendition of “Softly and Tenderly” 1

George Jones left us an album we could remember him and his legacy by. In 2003, he released his fifty-eighth studio album called “The Gospel Collection.” The album includes the best Christian Gospel songs. One of the Christian songs he intertwined his voice with is “Softly and Tenderly.” A song of faith and having a tighter relationship with Jesus.

Furthermore, “The Gospel Collection” includes the most famous Christian Gospel, perhaps, everybody knows. These are “Amazing Grace,” “I’ll Fly Away,” “Precious Memories,” “In the Garden,” “Family Bible,” and many more. These songs are already part of Christian culture as they inspire us to build a façade to Jesus.

Softly and Tenderly…

Undeniably, “Softly and Tenderly” is one of the most famous Christian Gospel songs of all time. Its credibility of sustaining the truth and heartfelt message is being passed from generation to generation. Also, various artists, from the youngsters to the elderlies have been giving their renditions of the hymn.

Moreover, in 1880, “Softly and Tenderly” was penned. Will L. Thompson wrote the words and lyrics of the hymn. Thompson’s friend Dwight L. Moody inspired the gospel songs. Back then, Thompson visited his friend, Moody, as they were talking, Moody recited “Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling.” These were the exact lines that draw Thompson the write the hymn.

George Jones’ Benevolent Rendition of “Softly and Tenderly” 2

Up to these days, “Softly and Tenderly” keeps revolving in many religious events. In churches, worships, and concerts, the song is always sung.

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