October 25

George Jones’ Rendition of the Song “Peace in the Valley”

We all want to achieve peace in life. However, no matter how hard we try to meditate and find peace, we always end up being shaken by simple trials in life. But, there is a song written in 1937 that will assure us we will achieve peace someday and the song is known as “Peace in the Valley.”

Thomas A. Dorsey’s “Peace in the Valley”

Thomas A. Dorsey is well-known as the Father of Black gospel music who wrote the song for Mahalia Jackson. Dorsey was inspired to write the song when he was passing by a valley where there were different kinds of animals. He looked at them and saw how peaceful they lived there, because of that “Peace in the Valley” was then born. This gospel song became so popular that there were already hundreds of versions recorded and performed. Many artists such as Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Ronnie Milsap, Faith Hill, Connie Francis, George Jones, and many more have recorded Dorsey’s song.

Elvis Presley’s Version

The most notable recording of this song was by Elvis Presley. After he performed “Peace in the Valley,” he asked people to help the refugees. Because of this, millions of people donated money, clothes, and many more.

The version of George Jones

“Peace in the Valley” has also been recorded by George Jones. His version was recorded in 1962, and it became part of his album Homecoming in Heaven. The song together with his album did not enter the Billboard chart. However, George Jones’ recording like his other gospel songs is stunning.

The Song’s Content

The song “Peace in the Valley” gives assurance to people that despite all of the hardships in life, peace will still be achieved. It can mean two things. Peace will be obtained after death, which means when we will be finally with Jesus. The other is when we achieve peace here on earth by having faith in God. No matter how much troubles come our way, we can trust in Him.


George Jones, peace in the valley, Thomas A. Dorsey

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