June 8

Sing With George Jones, “Lord You’ve Been Mighty Good To Me”


Lord, you’ve been mighty good to me
You’ve let me keep my family
To me you never have been rude
You keep my table filled with food.

At any moment, God puts dreams in our hearts and inscribes a destiny over our lives. If we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find ourselves on a journey toward the success of that dream. George Jones wonderfully sang this hymn recognizing all good things God has done to him. From his corns being flooded with a big river, barn burning down, horses falling, to chickens not laying any eggs, he still finds time to thank God. He still admits His grace despite hardships. Are we like George Jones? Therefore, this may be the time to totally reflect. As you listen to “Lord You’ve Been Mighty Good To Me”, think of the moments you thought life has been unfair, and be assured that God is still good no matter what.

Sing With George Jones, "Lord You’ve Been Mighty Good To Me" 1

Behind Everyone’s Admission of God’s Grace

Sometimes, the way that leads us to that promise is shaped with hindrances and obstacles. Tempests come, lions roar and our fears are tested. However, God allows the path to be tough because He aims at refining us and preparing us for our place of promise. In addition, he is intent on removing something from us which our foes would love to pull against us. We all have weakness and some conflicts in our character. But, until we admit that God has been doing good to us, we will need His direction.


After meditating on this idea a little more, we can agree that at times we refuse to humble ourselves. Sometimes, we forget to let God have His way in our lives. However, always remember that God loves us too much to lift us before we are ready because he is mighty good to us. Like George Jones, let us have the heart to submit ourselves and say God is mighty good to us, even if we are swamped with all the worsts there is.  If you are in a season of cleansing, lean in. Moreover, trust the loving hand of our precious God and know that He will always lead us. Let us humble ourselves and seek to understand what God is doing around us.

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George Jones, Lord You’ve Been Mighty Good To Me

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