April 25

George Jones and Merle Haggard making Real Country Music

merle haggard and george jones

What do you think happens when two legendary country musicians join together and sing? I bet it’s going to be sensational. Whoever is your favorite country singer/s imagine them singing with another legend that would be pleasing to listen to.

Merle Haggard and George Jones, A Taste of Yesterday’s Wine

When Merle Haggard and George Jones came together and sing everybody will listen. The two country legends had a few duets together including “Yesterday’s Wine,” “Must’ve Been Drunk” and many more. They have released 2 albums together, A Taste of Yesterday’s Wine in 1982 and Kickin’ Out the Footlight… Again in 2006. Their first album together made it to the No. 4 position on the US Billboard Top Country Albums in 1982.

George Jones Favorite Singer

Today we revisit the two legends duet together on stage as they sing “The Way I am,” “Yesterday’s Wine,” and “I Must’ve Done Something.” At the beginning of the video, Jones showed his appreciation that Haggard was with him on stage to perform. He also mentioned that Merle Haggard was one of his favorite singers since Hank Williams, Sr. Jones was very open to telling to everyone that Haggard is one of the best singers in country music.

The Video

The best part of the video is when Jones said that

“the real reason we are here is for Real Country Music.”

Jones started with the song “The Way I am”, which was originally recorded by Haggard. Haggard entered during the second verse of the song. They followed it with their famous duet song together, “Yesterday’s Wine,” and Jones end it with another song by Haggard, “I Must’ve Done Something”

The Beginning of Friendship

The two meet when in 1961 when Haggard was performing on stage in a Café at Bakersfield, California. Jones was captivated my Haggard’s voice that he wanted to know him. The two became friends since then.

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George Jones, merle haggard

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