April 11

George Jones with His Another Drinking Song “Just One More”

george jones just one more

We all go through breakups and it is not a so good feeling. Wherever you go you remember that person. Whatever you do you can’t seem to get them out of your mind. So what do you do then? People have different ways to cope with breakups. Some hang out with their friends, others go some places to forget the person they once loved. While others drown themselves in drinks that will intoxicate them until they numb their feelings and black their memory out.

“Just One More” of George Jones

Here I give you today a song by George Jones, and this one is saying the way of coping with breakups. “Just One More” is a breakup song where the narrator drowns himself in drinking wine until he could forget the woman he once loved. He can’t take the pain of her walking out of his life anymore that the only way for him to numb the feeling is by drinking. I think this is the easiest way, where people can forget the moment of whatever they are feeling. It’s easy yes but, it’s just a one-day thing, and the next day, of course, is the worst. Aside from the hangover after drinking a lot, the reason why you were drinking will still haunt you. So some people drink more until they forget… temporarily.

You can’t tell a person to put themselves together and act normally after a breakup, only time can. Whatever way they choose to cope with the breakup, all we have to do is to support them. Eventually, they’ll get tired of it and finally move on, but it’s at their own pace.

Jones and His Drinking Songs

“Just One More” written and performed by the legendary country singer George Jones, in 1956. Jones wrote songs about drinking for a long time. He wrote songs where drinking is involved, whether it be happy times or sad times. He was very famous for this kind of theme. Indeed Jones overcame his own addiction to alcoholism in 1999, when he had an accident and was in a coma for 11 days. By then he remained sober until the day he died.


George Jones, just one more

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