November 20

The Grand Tour of George Jones into our Bitter Hearts

A heart full of melancholy is unavoidable and almost always painful. In most cases, the ticker takes time to heal. Moreover, it’s a good idea for us to remove all the memories that might trigger the bitterness of the past. In my opinion, the best therapy is music. It’s the best outlet to release all the frustrations we’ve felt, just like George Jones.

The Honky Tonk Legend

George Glenn Jones rose to international fame due to his distinctive voice and phrasing. Also, he was always referred to as the greatest country singer. There is no doubt to the title that was given to him. Jones really earned the spot as one of the greatest.

This legend was born in Texas and at a young age, his passion for music was noticeable. George Jones first served the United States Marine Corps before turning in to a country superstar. Throughout his career, he had more than 150 hits. This only shows that he was passionate in his career.

When Everything Falls to Pieces

“The Grand Tour” was popularized by the legendary George Jones and it was released in 1974. In addition, the song became his number one song on the Billboard Hot Country Singles, considering it as his fourth-biggest hit. Rolling stone also included the hit in its “40 Saddest Country Songs of All Time” and it landed at no. 38.

In history, the hit was hailed as one of the outstanding performances in country music. Well, George Jones really suits the song and no one could have sung it better than him. Anyhow, “The Grand Tour” can be interpreted in many ways. It can be a failed relationship and the narrator is just recollecting the happy memories and better times. On the other hand, Tyler Mahan Coe, a country music historian, stated that the song was all about a pregnant wife dying. And, some others have also given their interpretation of the song. As such, we can create our interpretations based on our understanding.


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