July 24

Another Gospel Song By George Jones “I Can’t Find It Here”

george jones i can't find it here

There comes a time in our life that we get exhausted by all the things that are happening in our life. All the bad things happen at once, and it seems that we did something bad to be punished. We search for the answer to have a happy and beautiful life, but despite living a carefully planned life, we always end up disappointed. We don’t know what to do and where to go. However, we must not lose hope because we have someone who will comfort us. Furthermore, we are certain that life here on earth is not permanent, we will be going somewhere promising.

Another Gospel Album From George Jones

Despite the fact that George Jones is known for his drinking problem he had recorded six solo gospel albums since 1959. His fifth gospel album was In a Gospel Way, which was released in 1974. Some of the songs in his album were co-written by Jones. These include “In a Gospel Way” and “Mama Was a Preacher Man.” George Jones recorded his version of the song “Amazing Grace” and “Why Me, Lord” by Kris Kristofferson. His album made it to the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart at No. 42.

“I Can’t Find It Here” is the last track in Jones album In a Gospel Way. Curly Putman wrote the song for George.

About the Song

“I Can’t Find It Here” is a song of a man trying to find his way home in this world that is always letting him down. He clings and asks the Lord to lead him home. He wants to be with God than to stay here on earth which only brings sadness and pain. Like the narrator of the song we all feel the same pain and failure in life, but we must also be like him. We must hold on to the Lord and ask Him to lead us home. Our life here on earth is not permanent because our home is in heaven. Our home is in God’s hand.

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George Jones, I Can't Find It here

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