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George Jones’ “Flowers for Mama” Isn’t for Mother’s Day

George Jones' "Flowers for Mama" Isn't for Mother's Day 1
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There are two special occasions wherein we give flowers to our mothers – on their birthday and on Mother’s Day. But, recognizing the fact that mothers are special gifts from God, as children, it should be our deepest desire to make them feel special not only during those specific occasions but for every day in their lives. As the Holy Bible taught us, we should honor our father and mother because, without them, we wouldn’t be here in the first place.

Mothers also play an essential role in providing inspiration for many Country and gospel songs. Several songwriters and recording artists drew inspiration from their mothers’ love and put that into their music. There are songs recorded by renowned country singers such as Conway Twitty and Diamond Rio emphasizing the power of a mother’s prayer.

Back in 1965, George Jones recorded a touching song called “Flowers for Mama” which honors a mother through the giving of flowers. But, those flowers are not given on Mother’s Day.

“Flowers for Mama:” The Inspiring Song

In this 1965 record of Jones, the singer described the significance of flowers in the life of his mother. The song was written by Eddie Noack, Cindy Walker, and Al Rumley. As stated in the opening verse, the whole of the family gathered and brought flowers for their mom, but that wasn’t on Mother’s Day. The narrator also shared how a simple bouquet of flowers could brighten her mother’s day and paints a smile on her face.

They brighten her face and she holds me close
She’d say they are more precious than a beautiful rose
And she wore a smile sweeter than millions of flowers
A smile that I’ll carry through life’s darkest hours

The spoken part of the song revealed that his mom has already passed away and that’s the reason why the whole family gathered around her. At the conclusion of the song, the singer emphasizes his mom’s beauty outshining the rest of the flowers in God’s garden of love.

Listen to George Jones’ poignant and at the same time rousing song for his mother, “Flowers for Mama,” below.

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