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The George Jones’ Meditative Interpretation of “Family Bible”

The George Jones' Meditative Interpretation of “Family Bible” 1

In Christian culture, besides going to church, praying, and worshipping, one of the customs is reading the bible. It has been part of every family since then. Our parents and grannies would teach us how to read and understand the Bible. It is a way for us Christians to get closer to God. Also, the Bible would remind us of the teachings and the deeds of God. “Family Bible” is a song that would remind us to read the Bible. A song patched with the voice of the one and only George Jones.

Let us understand the work and connect with God through the hymn “Family Bible” with the interpretation and the voice of George Jones. The hymn is a simple way of talking to God, thanking God, and counting our blessings.

Family Bible…

Willie Nelson wrote the words and lyrics of “Family Bible.” He began writing the song in 1957 but later sold to Paul Buskirk due to financial problems. After procuring the song, Paul Buskirk gave it to Claude Gray to record. Claude Gray’s version received affirmative feedback from the audience. It even placed at number ten on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Moreover, Willie Nelson recorded his composition in 1971 under his album “Yesterday’ Wine.” It didn’t top the charts. However, he received recognition as the writer of the song. Since then, he always performs “Family Bible” on his concerts and performances.

The George Jones' Meditative Interpretation of “Family Bible” 2

George Jones wasn’t new to recording Christian gospel songs. Even before, he recorded and released songs about God. Also, on his performances and concerts, he sang Christian hymns, too. His most acknowledged album was released back in 2003. The album is entitled “The Gospel Collection.” The album includes most of the greatest Christian gospel hymns such as Amazing Grace,” “Precious Memories,” “In The Garden,” “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” and many more.

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