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“Boat of Life:” From George Jones Grand Ole Opry’s New Star Album

“Boat of Life:” From George Jones Grand Ole Opry’s New Star Album 1
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Are you struggling right now in life? Are your troubles too heavy to carry that it makes you tired and want to give up? Folks, we do not have to give up, we are not alone. We have someone who will be there to carry the pain and the burden we are going through in life. All we have to do is call on His name, and He will comfort you and take away all the pain.

George Jones “Boat of Life” and First Album

“Boat of Life” is a song recorded by George Jones in 1956 for his album Grand Ole Opry’s New Star. The album was released twice. First in 1956 by Starday Record label, however, the quality of the sound was poor. Then on 2013, the album was released again. Most of the songs were written by Jones, and this was the very first album he released. Some of the songs in his album were “Why Baby Why,” “Seasons of My Heart,” and “You Gotta Be My Baby.” “Boat of Life” was written by George Jones and Burl Stephens.

The Song’s Content

When life is too much to handle, we run to someone we know, but there comes a time when nobody can be there for us. Thus, who can help us? George Jones reminds us that when life is weighing down on us, we can run to God. He said that God knows us better than anyone or even ourselves. It is true that God knows us even before we were born. Therefore, God knows that we are struggling in life, He is just waiting for us to go to Him and ask for help. Thus, folks if you feel like you are alone, remember God is always here for us.

Listen to George Jones song “Boat of Life” and remember we are not alone in this life. We have God who will walk with us until the very end.

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