July 6

Be Sanctified to George Beverly Shea’s “Then Jesus Came”

George Beverly Shea

We should always nourish ourselves with prayers, a modest way to be sanctified and be glorified because our body and souls are needed to be revitalized. Not only prayers but as well as through confessing all your sins. With this, we will learn to accept Jesus in our hearts, and Jesus will accept you, too. A simple way to nurture us is by listening to Christian gospel hymns such as “Then Jesus Came” by the “America’s Beloved Gospel Singer” George Beverly Shea.

George Beverly Shea’s voice is so compelling that it connects us to Jesus. Perhaps, his soul is united with Christ, and his heart is full of sincerity. Moreover, he has the ability to make people change just by simply singing.

Then Jesus Came…

This Christian gospel hymn merely discusses that Jesus is always guiding us. When we are on the lowest points of our lives, Jesus is there beside us. The times we feel lonely, or on the darkest days of our lives, Jesus will be our light. Indeed, he will never leave us behind. He will be our power, our strength, and our will to move forward.

Oswald Jeffrey Smith wrote the words and lyrics of “Then Jesus Came.” Meanwhile, Homer Rodeheaver arranged the music. There were already various renditions of the hymn. Nevertheless, George Beverly Shea’s version is one of the most touching, catching, and life-changing.

George Beverly Shea…

George Beverly Shea

He was a renowned gospel singer and a hymn composer. His works were being used and transferred from generation to generation. He was “America’s Beloved Gospel Singer.” Also, George Beverly Shea was the primary and original international star of the gospel and Christian world. He was the only the person who sang live with the highest attendance of audience more than anyone else in history.

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