December 26

Bobbie Gentry Sings Heartache with “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again”

Lovesick Promise

Bobbie Gentry has an ironically colorful song that depicts heartbreak and the repercussions you reap with a lost love with her hit song “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again.”

“I’ll Never Fall In Love Again” talks about the promise that the singer would never fall in love again because of what she experienced with her past loves, as well as the repercussions that one could get when heartbreak occurs. It was first recorded for the original Broadway cast album of the comedy musical “Promises Promises.” This song was a collaborative work of Burt Bacharach and lyricist Hal David. 

Gentry’s rendition topped the UK Charts. This song has been featured in two of her albums: “Touch ‘Em with Love,” her 1969 album; and “Fancy,” her 1970 album.

Watch the original music video for her hit song here!

Dionne Warwick has a great rendition of this song too! Her song shot to number six on the Billboard magazine’s Hot 100. It also spent three weeks at number one on the magazine’s list of the 40 most popular Easy Listening songs in the U.S. It is considered the most successful version of the song.

Listen to it here!


“Fancy” is the sixth studio album of Gentry. It was released on 1970. The amazing cover art is a painting of Gentry. And many believed that she was the one who painted it. 

Bobbie Gentry Sings Heartache with "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" 1
Original Cover of the Album. Credits: Wikipedia

The aonlbum was released as “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again” in the United Kingdom. The title is based from the song of the same name. 

Bobbie Gentry Sings Heartache with "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" 2
Cover of the UK version of the album. Credits: Wikipedia

The album peaked at No. 37 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart and No. 96 on the US Billboard Top LP’s chart.  Its most notable single is the song “Fancy.”

This remains one of Gentry’s more prolific works, with multiple critics praising her for her superb storytelling and grace. Moreover, this was the LP that put her on the map, and that solidified her influence and artistry.


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