October 2

Genre Origins: The Rise of Southern Rock

Let’s Get Ready to Rock

Music is a spectrum. And as brilliant as people are, we tend to get creative. Most of the time, we’re not content with just leaving something as is. Rather, we make it a point to make it better. That might be the backbone principle of how people would get the idea of incorporating different genres (that does not seem like it should work!) together.

Take a good look at Southern Rock. Southern Rock is a well-blended mixture of blues and country, with a very big helping of rock and roll mixed in it. It separated itself as a different genre to the traditional sounds of Nashville or the rebellious tunes of Outlaw country. Southern Rock was playing along in the middle. It wasn’t quite what it was – and maybe that was what made it so special.


This genre is characterized by melodious backing tracks that accompany great lyrics that would usually mirror the ideals of a young Southern working man in the 70’s.  And throughout the years, Southern rock bled well into the rock scene as well as the different genres of today’s time. It can still be seen in the works of artists such as Kid Rock, 3 Doors Down, and Kings of Leon.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Two of the most notable bands that established Southern Rock are The Allman Brothers Band and The Marshall Tucker Band. Along with other artists, they have paved the way for other artists as well in this genre. Both bands are trying to incorporate jazz in the already complex arrangements of the genre. Their journeys are also marred by tragedy and triumph. They lost members to unfortunate accidents; both lost their founding members through time. But most importantly, their music remains and their camaraderie and influence as superstars of the genre.

Take a listen to The Allman Brothers Band here!

And, The Marshall Tucker Band here!

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