June 7

Listen to Gene Watson as He Sings “Climb Higher”

climb higher gene watson

When you are lonely and sad who do you call to comfort you? Sometimes not even the person we love can take away the pain we feel. Sometimes no one can make us feel happy, and that’s fine because we are all humans going through the same thing in life. However, there is only one who can manage to do all the things that we cannot do, and that is God. How will you know if God is capable of comforting us? Climber higher and you will know how.

Gene Watson and “Climb Higher”

A song by the country singer Gene Watson “Climb Higher” was released in 1997 from his album Jesus is All I Need and was written by Bobbie Bost. Jesus is All I Need is a collection of gospel songs that were mostly written by Bobbie Bost and released under Step One Records. Although Watson’s album and songs didn’t enter the Billboard charts, he’s still a stunning singer. The way he delivers the song is heartfelt.

About the Song

Gene Watson wants us to know that someone will be there to comfort us from all the pain and burden we have. All we have to do is pray, like what the man in the song did. He called God and asked for help because he knows that he cannot handle the pain. We cannot do everything on our own, therefore, do not be afraid to be vulnerable and ask help from God. Just like the ending of the song, Watson sings that there is a place where all of our tears and sadness will be gone. In that place, we will find true happiness.

Country’s Family Reunion

Gene Watson performed his song “Climb Higher” on a TV show Country’s Family Reunion. The way he sings it is beautiful and meaningful. He is indeed a talented musician then and now.

Today, don’t forget to call upon the Lord and ask help. He is just above waiting for us to pray.

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