September 28

Fall in Love Again with Chrystal Gayle & Andy Gibb’s Duet

Love songs in the 80’s are definitely something that could never be matched by today’s era not only because the love songs of yesterday have more heart and soul to offer but because the 80’s has Loretta Lynn’s sister and country songstress, Crystal Gayle and Bee Gees member and international icon, Andy Gibb. Crystal Gayle has made a name of her own charting several of her songs in number one and one of these songs is that timeless love song entitled, Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.

Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, Chrystal Gayle ft Andy Gibb

‘Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue’ was released in March 1977 as the first single from Gayle’s album We Must Believe in Magic. Despite the title, Gayle herself has blue eyes.

The said song’s composer Richard Leigh had been responsible for all three of Crystal Gayle’s previous Top Ten C&W hits, the third of which “I’ll Get Over You” had reached number 1. According to Gayle’s regular producer Allen Reynolds, he was advised by Leigh’s landlady, songwriter Sandy Mason Theoret, that Leigh was “a little down in the dumps lately because nothing much [was] happening” after the success of “I’ll Get Over You”.

In a 2004 Country Music Television interview, Gayle stated that Leigh wrote the song because his dog had one brown eye and one blue eye.

On this video below, Chrystal Gayle and Andy Gibb had a so powerful stage chemistry that anyone would think that they are a real-life couple.

Watch and be prepared to fall in love again:


Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Lyrics

Don’t know when I’ve been so blue
Don’t know what’s come over you
You’ve found someone new and
Don’t it make my brown eyes blue

I’ll be fine when you’re gone
I’ll just cry all night long
Say it isn’t true and
Don’t it make my brown eyes blue

Tell me no secrets, tell me some lies
Give me no reasons, give me alibies
Tell me you love me and don’t let me cry
Say anything but don’t say goodbye

I didn’t mean to treat you bad
Didn’t know just what I had
But honey now I do
And don’t it make my brown eyes
Don’t it make my brown eyes
Don’t it make my brown eyes blue


Andy Gibb, Chrystal Gayle, Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

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