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Gary Stewart’s “She’s Actin’ Single”: The Truth ‘Bout Cheating


Gary Stewart’s “She’s Actin’ Single”: The Truth ‘Bout Cheating 1

I totally salute a person who can grip cheating. No matter how painful it is, he/she still manages to look at things just fine. This only means how strong enough that person is to handle the hurt day by day. However, it kills him/her slowly. Without a doubt, this represents a brave human being.

A Woman And A Man: Their Different Ways Of Dealing…

Cheating disrupts a woman’s heart and soul. It will totally, somewhat, somehow, bring to her greatest downfall. The greatest predicament that could change her life. Definitely, a change that could either make her a better or a totally resentful person.

On the other hand, when a man comes upon cheating. It’s a toll on his mind, heart, and liver. I mean it destructs the way they think, it changes his heart’s decision, and mostly it distresses his liver by drinking. Men’s way of coping with a heartbreak.

We need to understand that some people aren’t senseless. They’re just overwhelmed by what they feel, by love. In other words, the hurt and the sacrifice is driven by love.

The Lyrics That Shows Deceitfulness…

I’ve seen men look at her before, and they think, I don’t see
I’d like to think it makes me proud, but, I’m only fooling me

I know she’ll be lookin’ back, the minute I’m not there
While she pours herself on some stranger, I pour myself a drink somewhere

She’s actin’ single
I’m drinkin’ double
I hide my pain
And I drown my troubles

My heart is breaking
Like the tiny bubbles
She’s actin’ single
I’m drinkin’ doubles

I know all she plans to do, but I don’t know where or when
If I ask who that stranger was, she’ll just say, “an old friend”

I’m not weak, I tell myself, I stay because I’m strong
The truth is, I’m not man enough, to stop her from doing me wrong

She’s actin’ single
I’m drinkin’ doubles
I hide my pain
And I drown my troubles

My heart is breaking
Like the tiny bubbles
She’s actin’ single
I’m drinkin’ doubles

She’s actin’ single
I’m drinkin’ doubles
I hide my pain
And I drown my troubles

The Painful Interpretation Of The Song…

The song displays the pain is hidden. Moreover, the narrator barely knows what’s happening. He knows that cheating is prevailing. There are questions that he would like to ask, but he knows the answers. Despite the knowledge, he conceals it by drinking. The very way of a man dealing with pain.

I really don’t understand why people cheat. Is it because they’re looking for something? Aren’t they happy? Is there something missing? Aren’t they satisfied? Or simply, they don’t love that person at all? Perhaps there are people who are not committed and takes love for granted.

In my point of view, if a person entered a relationship or a commitment then he/she should stick to it. That commitment is like a signed contract, he/she needs to abide by the rules. Simple rules like to be contented and to be satisfied. Because in the first place, both of you agreed to support and love each other under any circumstances. Above all, love is not a game and it should not be played. Because love is nothing but to cherish. Never take someone for granted.

Moreover, he must not see other women and she must not sleep with other men. This is a rule both needed to stand for.

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Gary Stewart, She's Actin' Single

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