March 8

This Garth Brooks Top Hit Wonders “What She’s Doing Now”

What She’s Doing Now” is one of the songs that the country singer and best-selling artist of all time Garth Brooks co-wrote and recorded that earned him a top hit. This day marks the 27th year since the record reached the No. 1 spot on the country chart.

Garth Brooks, What She's Doing Now, Ropin' the Wind
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Garth Brooks’ Words About “What She’s Doing Now”

Putting aside its commercial success, the song occupies a spot in Brooks’ heart. Its booklet contains liner notes that briefly explain how the song came about. According to the notes, the idea behind the song’s title was something he had in mind a long time. It’s about a man who wonders what a woman, apparently someone who used to be special to him, is doing at present. Questions about the possible things this woman is currently busy with filled his mind.

Brooks shared those ideas with fellow country music singer-songwriter Pat Alger who further enriched his points. Delighted with what Brooks had pitched to him, he added the line,

“I wonder if she knows what she’s doing now to me?”

The line sends him a shiver and he knew right there and then that it will lead to something else. And it did! Brooks and Alger had put their thoughts together which resulted in the song “What She’s Doing Now.”

Watch Brooks’ live performance of the song below.

The Song’s Recording and Commercial Success

While Brooks co-wrote the song, he did not originally record it. Instead, the country music crooner Crystal Gayle cut it in 1989. It was included on her 1990 album Ain’t Gonna Worry and entitled as “What He’s Doing Now.” Her version though was not released as a single.

It was in 1991, a year after Gayle’s album containing the song was dropped when Brooks decided to release a cover. It became the third single from his 14x platinum album Ropin’ the Wind. His version was a four weeks chart-topper on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. The single was also a No. 1 hit in Canada. Currently, the track’s album became one of the singer’s seven records that reached diamond status.

The greatest contributing factor to this success was the song’s relatable message. Brooks shared how happy he was to have written a song that “has crossed all boundaries and borders around the world.”


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